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WELCOME and thank you for visiting As a Major in the Air Force during World War II and until 1953, Mr. Singer served as a weather officer, and learned first-hand the crucial life and death importance of accurate weather forecasting. His mission as a meteorologist was to save lives by getting it right. That is still our motivation today. That is why we have chosen to put his research on the Internet so that the public, as well as professionals can advance their understanding of the nature of weather that is so vital to everyone's life and livelihood.

Mr. Singer  first studied meteorology as an Aviation Cadet at the University of Chicago under Carl Rossby, and advanced meteorology at UCLA under J. Bjerknes. With additional training in advanced mathematics, chemistry, and electronics, he learned to respect and appreciate sound science as fundamental to understanding weather and forecasting.

We now invite you to take a good look and discover for yourself, as he did in 1966, this amazing system of patterns which, although previously unknown, can be revealed on every weather map. 


Weather Officers Class -- January 30, 1950