Chapter 14
June 6, 1944

I drew two circumferential patterns for D-day (June 6, 1944), with the nuclear center being the storm that was the focus of attention in the invasion of Europe. Both circumferential patterns are essentially the same, but they highlight different variations of circumferential angular numbers.

The hardcore and incontrovertible features of these charts are:

1. 12 cu between #15 and #16.

2. 24 cu between #16 and #17.

3. 12 cu between #17 and #1.

4. 12 cu between #1 and #2.

5. 24 cu between #9 and #11.

6. 12 cu between #11 and #12.

The other points on the charts are very good indeed, but the ones listed above are generally close to the nuclear vortex, and have easy to identify centers.

Is it possible that the Allied High Command arranged all these vortexes in a military formation, as indicated above, as an aid in the invasion?


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