Chart 45A overall view

This melody in the symphony of weather patterns begins with an LCD of 12.2 ru at #54. #77 (24.5 ru) and #87 (24.3 ru) which form two sides of a triangle with 32.5 ru between these two points completing the third side of a triangle with the legs in a ratio of 3:3:4. In a similar manner, the triangle formed by #45, #87, and #54 has sides in the ratio of 2:2:1. Lastly, we have #80 and #90, both at 36.8 ru, spaced in a relatively symmetrical manner with respect to #77 and #87. Chart 45A overall view


Chart 45B overall view

First we note that #58 and #35 at 8.1 ru, and #42 at 8 ru, are three well-defined points that are all close to being equal. Doubling this distance outwards from #45, gives four more points: #26 (16 ru), #17 (15.9 ru), #75 (16.4ru), and #69 (16.3 ru). That is not the end of it yet; #82 (32.3 ru) and #91 (32.2 ru) are the third wavelet. Last but not least, we have the fourth wave represented by #97 at 40.7 ru (5x8.1=40.5). Chart 45B expanded view


Chart 45C overall view

The clear feature of this one is #60 at 15.1 ru, counterbalanced at approximately double the distance, by #21 at 29.8 ru. Likewise, #4 is also at 29.8 ru, and is counterbalanced by #92 at 30.7 ru. Lastly, #103 is 45.2 ru(3 x 15.1 =45.3).

One additional fact to note at this time is the formation of an "X" type of pattern by the four points: #4, #103, #21, and #60. This "X" formation occurs often. Chart 45C expanded view


Chart 45D overall view

In this chart we have an LCD of 11.5 ru. #74 (23 ru) and #86 (23.1 ru) are counterbalanced by #6 at 34.4 ru (3x11.5=34.5). #14 and #101 are obscure and may be questionable, but they are entered for your interest only. This chart shows the "X" pattern of Chart #45 C changing to what looks like a "K" pattern. Chart 45D expanded view


Chart 45E overall view

In this simple one we have #20 at 28.7 ru counterbalanced by #63 at 28.6 ru, with the obscure #25 acting as the LCD of 14.2 ru. Chart 45E expanded view


Chart 45F overall view

Here we see another "K" formation as in Chart #45 D. #50 and #34 are both well-defined centers, while the two points in the legs,,' of the "K" are comparatively obscure. Chart 45F expanded view


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